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Pop it, Stack it, Stamp it! Specially curated to keep the fidgety ones engaged and little hands busy.  


This bundle consists of:

1) 1 Unicorn Custom Gift Box

  • Adorned with paper shreds and packaging tissues in pink and purple hues.


2) 1 Unicorn Popit A5 Notebook

  • Unique design and rainbow colors give great visual enjoyment.
  • Ideal as a sensory fidget toy for stress relieving.
  • Lined Notebook. 14.5cm x 21cm.


3) 1 Stacking Mini Highlighters

  • Make notes, drawing, painting and artwork fun and lively.
  • Compact and easy to carry around.


4) 1 Unicorn Doughnut Pen

  • Gel Pen. Black 0.5mm.


5) 1 Unicorn Bullet Stacking Pencil

  • No fuss dealing with sharpeners.


6) 1 Sill in Love with You Notepad

  • 6cm x 9cm. 100 pages.


7) 1 Unicorn 26Pc Self Inking Stamper

  • 26 pieces. Non-repeated designs.
  • In a mix of yellow, pink, purple and green.


8) 1 Free Unicorn Sticker Pack

  • 5 unicorn-themed stickers given at random.


9) 1 Free Gift Card