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Are you a fan of glitz and glamour- all things glistering? You’ll love our specially curated SPARKLEBOX.


This bundle consists of:

1)1 Unicorn Custom Gift Box

  • Adorned with paper shreds and packaging tissues in pink and purple hues.


2) 1 Unicorn Glitter Quicksand A6 Notebook

  • Be mesmerized as you watch the glitters flow through the front cover.
  • Includes 24 lined pages, 1 year planner,12 monthly planners and 52 weekly planners.
  • Clear ziplock pouch to hold stickers, postcards and other accessories.
  • Attached ribbon bookmark. 10.5cm x 14.2cm.


3) 1 Unicorn Sequin Pen/Cosmetic Pouch

  • All-over sequins to give the most glittering effect.
  • Versatility – it can be used as pencil case, cosmetic or storage bag.
  • Pink inner lining. 20 x 8.5 x 5.5cm.


4) 2 Unicorn Dust Lipstick Pen

  • You’ll fall in love with it at first sight.
  • 4 pretty pastels with flowing glitter flakes to choose from.
  • Gel Pen. Black 0.5mm.


5) 1 Unicorn Slurpee Cup Wristlet Keychain

  • Be captivated by the cutesy unicorn as it floats freely on the liquid.
  • Adorned with a PVC wristlet, gold bell and gold keychain ring with lobster clasp closure.
  • Ideal pendant decoration for your keys, handbags or backpacks.


6) 2 Scrunchies

  • 1 Iridescent scrunchie that glister and shine from different angles.
  • 1 Pixie scrunchie in pretty pastels.


7) 1 Free Unicorn Sticker Pack

  • 5 unicorn-themed stickers given at random.


8) 1 Free Gift Card