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“Happy girls are the prettiest.” ~ Audrey Hepburn


This bundle consists of:

1) 1 Unicorn Custom Gift Box

  • Adorned with paper shreds and packaging tissues in pink and purple hues.


2) 1 Unicorn Press-on Manicure Set

  • 24 pieces pre-glued nails. Perfect for little fingers.
  • Easy to apply. Safe to remove.


3) 1 Unicorn 5-piece Necklace Set

  • 4 interchangeable pendants to offer style and fun.
  • Change the look of the necklace to match your outfit of the day.
  • Necklace approximately 50cm long.


4) 1 Unicorn Clip-on Hair Extension

  • Unicorn Bow Design with hair extension.


5) 1 Silica Charm Compact Mirror and Brush (*New Replacement)

  • 5cm x 7.3cm. Collapsible design.
  • Built-in mirror and pop-up brush.
  • Travel size and easy to carry around.


6) 1 Unicorn 5-piece Hair Clip Set

  • Let your princess’ imagination fly with these whimsical and glittering hair clips.
  • 5 different designs for a different style and look every day.


7) 1 Unicorn Temporary Tattoo

  • Add extra fun to any parties.
  • 1 sheet. In coloured/metallic gold.


8) 1 Free Unicorn Sticker Pack

  • 5 unicorn-themed stickers given at random.


9) 1 Free Gift Card